At Mio, security is a crucial requirement for the delivery of our service. We understand that your company communications require the highest level of protection. 

Here's how we keep our operations secure:

  • Security by design: We incorporate security into our products from day-one. All projects undertaken by Mio are also subject to a risk assessment to ensure we don't compromise our underlying policies. 
  • Organizational security: We ensure our teams understand the importance of keeping your data secure and hold employees to the highest standards. We also enforce industry-standard authentication and authorization methods. 
  • Protecting your data: We classify data to ensure we provide the highest possible level of security for your online messaging. We'll avoid persistent or temporary storage of your data whenever possible. 
  • Data encryption: All data transmitted via Mio uses the TLS 1.2 protocol. Sensitive payloads are encrypted using AES-256 or equivalent cyphers. We connect to external messaging partners using the highest supported protocols too. 
  • Authorizing access: We never knowingly store end-user plain text passwords or other sensitive credentials. Where possible we ask users to use platform partner authentication systems, and therefore only store encrypted token credentials for users. 
  • Network security: For customers reliant on Mio's dedicated managed hosting can rest assured that each tenant will be isolated in its own private network. Public access to Mio is restricted to limited front-end servers with a minimal number of open ports. 
  • Internal access: Data access for Mio employees is tiered and restricted by both VPN and IP credentials. We work on the principle of least privilege. 
  • Software security: Our systems and servers are actively monitored and regularly updated with the latest patches as needed. All new servers are hardened before deployment, and we work regularly with external auditors, who test our systems. 
  • Legal compliance: We have strict guidelines to follow regarding data privacy and security. Mio commissions dedicated legal professionals to help meet legal requirements too. 
  • Change control: All application software deployed and built by Mio is subject to version control. Prior to each release, software is tested extensively.
  • System monitoring: To improve our level of service continuously, Mio may inspect and log traffic passing over systems. However, administrative access is required to access this information. 

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