If your team members are planning to move to a new chat application, you may need to migrate your chat history from one location to another. 

Currently, chat migration isn't available through Mio. However, we have got this feature on our roadmap and hope to deliver it soon. 

For the time being, you can either:

Sync multiple workspaces or channels so that you can access historical information.


Download your chat history and upload it to your new workspace for search purposes. 

To download your chat history in Microsoft Teams:

  • Go to Outlook and find your Conversation History under the "Patrons" tab
  • Ensure you have the right permissions to view your Conversation History
  • Export the chat data

To access your workspace data from Slack

  • Click on your workspace name
  • Select Administration then Workspace settings
  • Choose Import/Export data
  • Select Export
  • You'll get an email once your data is ready

To download chat data in Cisco Webex Teams:

You'll need to use either a bot or the Cisco "Pro Pack" to export information for compliance reasons. Standard Webex customers only have access to 90 days of content, but Pro Pack customers can access unlimited data in their Teams space. 

Once you have your exported information, you can share it with other members of your team. 

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