People Sync
allows admins to prompt employees to set their preferred primary chat platform so that messages from secondary platforms can be routed and posted natively.

Let's take a look at People Sync:

At a glance, you can make a quick assessment of each person’s sync status: on, off, or pending. 

  • Sync on: this person has already synced and can participate in DMs across platforms.
  • Sync off: this person has not yet synced and cannot receive DMs from users on other platforms.
  • Pending user auth: this person has been prompted but has not yet completed steps to sync. They cannot receive DMs from users on other platforms.

Prompting users to sync

Admins can prompt users to sync, either one at a time, or in bulk, by turning on auto-prompt.

Here's what a prompt message looks like when sent:

When auto-prompt is on, people with "red" status (I.e. sync off) will be prompted as they send messages to people who have already synced their accounts.

  • In Slack, the prompt message is sent to the person via your instance of the Mio app. People should look for their prompt in the "Apps" section of their Slack Sidebar.
  • In Microsoft and Webex Teams, people should look for their prompt message in their direct chat area. The prompt will be sent via your service user account.

What people see during syncing

The "Sync now" link in the prompt message takes employees through a personal authorization flow to log into their chat accounts and set their primary team. Their primary team is where all messages and notifications appear.

Once an employee syncs their account, they'll see a confirmation page:

As an admin, you can see which team has been selected as primary within People Sync under Primary Team.

NOTE: You won't need to sync your MS Teams and Webex Teams primaries if you're using auto-sync mode in Slack. MS Teams and Webex Teams primary users will be automatically synced on Slack, so no prompting is required.

Filter people by platform and status

You can filter your People Sync list by what sync status they have and what primary platform they use.

Select which platform, sync status, and sync type you want to filter your list by:

  • Primary Platform: The platform that your user primarily uses to send messages
  • Sync Status: On = synced, Pending = prompted but not synced, Off = not synced
  • Sync Type: Bot Sync = secondary account is a bot (only for Microsoft Teams or Webex Teams primary users), User Sync = secondary account is an actual account (for Slack primary users)

We're always working to improve the admin experience in the Mio Hub. Give us feedback on how we're doing on our Product Roadmap.

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