Admins who have access to the Mio Control Hub can sync one or more channels in Team Sync.

  1. Navigate to Team Sync from the main menu.

2. Pick which two teams you want to sync using the Create new sync option.

3. Select Sync Channels (1 of 3).

4. Search or find the channels you'd like to sync (you can start from the left or right side).

  • To sync two existing channels from the two teams, use the 🔄Connect option to match them.

Connecting two existing channels together.

  • To create a new channel that matches an existing channel, use ➡️Add or ⬅️Add to replicate that channel in the second team. You can rename newly created channels.

Adding a new channel on the left side to match the one on the right side.

4. Turn future sync on or off. Turning on future sync allows you to automate changes on channels that are synced.

  • Sync new channels - a newly created channel in one team will create a new channel for the other team
  • Sync channel name changes - an updated channel name in one team will update the channel name for the other team
  • Sync archived channels - a locally archived channel in one team will delete that channel for the other team
  • If the ➡️arrow is pointing from Slack ➡️Microsoft Teams, that means a change in the (left) Slack channel will only apply to (right) Microsoft Teams and not the other way around. A newly created Microsoft Teams channel would NOT be created in the Slack team based on the above image.

5. Repeat this process to sync additional channels.

6. On the main Team Sync page, your sync will show as pending until it is marked as a new sync.

If you have any questions regarding syncing, please reach out to your Mio customer success manager, or get in touch with us below.

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