NOTE: This article is for Mio's enterprise product. If you're looking to set up our self-install Mio Universal Channels app, please read theses articles instead.

Schedule a time with our team to discuss your company's messaging strategy and your pilot options.

Once you've agreed to move forward, your dedicated account representative will provide a link to an online onboarding interface to set up your Mio Control Hub.

Getting Started

In the Hub Setup, you'll be asked a few questions to set up your Service Accounts.

What you'll need

You'll be creating service accounts for your company's chat apps, so make sure you're able to log in to:

Add a collaborator

If you have multiple administrators for your company, you can add them as collaborators by clicking the icon in the top right-hand corner of the Hub Setup.

Part 1 - Organization Details

  • Chat Platforms: We currently support interoperability between Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams, and Slack (two at a time).
  • Your Company: Fill out your company name as you'd like to see it displayed in your future Mio Control Hub and Mio Hub URL.
  • Company Logo: We recommend uploading a square logo which will be displayed on your Control Hub’s login page

Part 2 - Create Service Accounts

  • Use a generic, non-personal email such as for your service accounts. Follow the steps in the Hub Setup for the two apps you chose in Part 1.

Slack Service Account

  • The service account needs to be a regular Admin, but the account only needs a regular license.

Microsoft Teams Service Account

  • Grant the service account an E3 or E5 product license.
  • The service account does not need to be an admin, but the AD admin does need to grant consent for the application permissions to complete installation.

Example of the Microsoft Teams Service Account requirements.

Webex Teams Service Account

  • Enable the following Licensed Services for the service account: Webex Teams, Webex Team Meetings.
  • Update the account's permission to "Full Administrator privileges".
  • The service account on Webex must be a Global Admin, but there are no additional licensing requirements.

Part 3 - Create Platform Apps

  • Create your instance of the Mio app for cross-platform syncing. Use the screenshots provided in the Hub Setup to guide you.

Part 4 - Complete Setup

  • Confirm your Hub’s information is correct and submit to Mio. A member of our team will begin working on creating your company’s custom Mio login page based on the information you provided.

This is what your completed setup should look like.

Part 5 - Mio Configuration Call

  • When you're ready to start syncing your people, your Mio customer success manager will be in touch. We'll walk you through the basics of the Mio Control Hub and show you how to sync channels and prepare your users for synced direct messages.

NOTE: You won't need to provision or sync individual MS Teams accounts with Slack if you're using the Slack auto-sync feature. MS Teams and Slack users will be synced automatically!

Once you're finished

Our team will work with you to scale up your service and add more channels as your company continues to grow.

After you've had time to get used to Mio, we'll also offer advice and best-practice guidelines on how you can roll the experience out to endless users.

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