To make the most of your Mio experience, all employees need to complete a one-time authorization process.

The authorization process syncs employee DMs across multiple platforms. When a person isn't synced, they can't unlock the full benefits of Mio. 

Note: Microsoft Teams or Webex Teams primary users who connect to Slack do not need to be prompted, as Mio will provision Slack bots for them during the rollout process.

So, how do you encourage employees to sync?

To encourage employees to do this, admins can send a "prompt" via the Mio Control Hub, in the People Sync tab:

Individually prompt people by clicking · · · under ACTIONS and then Prompt to sync.

How do I turn on auto-prompt?

On the People Sync page toggle the auto-prompt switch on.

When the auto-prompt feature is enabled, admins don't need to individually prompt employees.

Instead, your Mio app will send a prompt message whenever someone tries to send a direct message to a colleague using a different chat platform.

The message looks something like this:

Switching on auto-prompt simplifies the Mio roll-out process significantly.

As soon as your employees are synced, they'll be able to send DMs across channels, and access a more native experience when communicating via different platforms.

Remember, if your employees are using Microsoft Teams or Webex Teams as their primary apps and Slack as secondaries, no prompting is necessary. The auto-sync feature will automatically sync connections between Microsoft Teams/Webex Teams and Slack users through the provision of Slack bots.

If you have more questions about prompting, reach out and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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