Once you sync channels with Mio, there are a few ways to rename them, depending on your needs:  1- If you want to rename ONE of the channels, the easiest way to do this is natively in the platform itself.  2- If you want to rename BOTH of the channels, you can do this within the Mio Hub. You can also do this within both platforms natively.

1- How to rename ONE channel 

In cases where you've added a channel to the other platform using Team Sync, and a local user needs to rename it, it's easy to update the synced channel name in one platform, just as you normally would.  

In Slack  To rename a channel in Slack

  • Open the channel you want to rename
  • Click on the Gear Icon
  • Choose Additional Options
  • Click Rename this channel
  • Enter a new name
  • Click Rename Channel

In Webex Teams  To rename a Cisco Webex Teams channel: 

  • Go to Teams
  • Tap on the Team you want to rename
  • Click on the drop down menu 
  • Choose Team Details
  • Click Add a new Name
  • Enter your Name

In Microsoft Teams  To rename your Microsoft Teams channel:

  • Go to the desktop or web app
  • Click on Teams
  • Go to the Team Name and tap on More Options
  • Click on Manage Channels
  • Tap Channel Name
  • Enter the name you want to use
  • Select Update Channel

Note: Renaming a channel locally, or natively will not cause the new name to be synced in the other platform. If you need to update both channel names, follow the instructions below. You can also follow the below instructions for when it's easier to rename via the Mio Hub rather than logging in to the native platform.  

2- If you decide to rename a channel after it has already been synced by Mio, you will need to:

  • Click on the name of the channel you want to change. 
  • Enter the new name in the text bar
  • Make sure that the names of the channels you want to combine are not the same. If they are, then Mio will inform you by highlighting the name and asking you to change it. 
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