As well as sharing files and commenting on projects, you might decide to implement next-level hardware, like the Cisco Webex Board. 

The Webex whiteboard is an intelligent digital surface that allows employees to annotate files, pictures, and documents in real-time with notes and graphics. It's just like working on a traditional whiteboard, except all of your work saves in a digital format. 

With Mio, even users without Cisco Webex Teams can still see your whiteboards. 

Here's how it works.

  • Sync your Cisco Webex Teams channels with Slack or using the Mio Team and Channel Sync features
  • Your team annotates documents or creates visuals on the Cisco Webex whiteboard
  • Visit the Activity Menu in Cisco Webex Teams and select the whiteboard you want to share
  • Click on the Share button and download a snapshot of your whiteboard complete with annotations in PDF format. 
  • Share your PDF with your employees on Webex Teams
  • Mio will automatically grab your PDF and share it with any of your users who are synced to that channel on Slack

What's more, when you're using a Cisco Webex whiteboard during one of your meeting sessions, you can automatically initiate calls with people in Slack via your board. That's because your Slack channels and Slack users are synced with your Webex users and channels via Mio. 

Learn more about interoperability between Cisco Webex Teams and Slack in this video:

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