To get the most out of Mio, it's important for your employees to complete a one-time authorization, or sync.

Of course, encouraging adoption of a new tool in any business environment isn't always easy.

That's why Mio makes it simple to get opt-in from team members, with "prompts."

NOTE: MS Teams or Webex Teams primary users won't need to be prompted to sync if their secondary platform is Slack. Mio automatically provisions Slack bots for MS Teams or Webex Teams users, so only Slack users will need to be prompted. This option is called auto-sync.

Here are four ways you can increase the number of people who sync on your team:

Option 1: Individually prompt users 

Initiated within the Control Hub, Prompt is great for when you want to enable synced DMs for a person or small group. 

To send a prompt, go to the "People Synced" section on your Control Hub:

Next to the name of the account you want to prompt, click on the "· · ·" button. 

Click Prompt to sync to send that person a message reminding them to sync.

Prompt is ideal when you're in the pilot phase of rolling out Mio. 

You'll need your user to be provisioned on both platforms to send the prompt.

Option 2: Auto-prompt

Need to prompt a hundreds or thousands of users? Auto-prompt can easily handle that for you.

When non-synced users DM synced users, they'll receive an auto-prompt message that asks them to sync their primary and secondary chat accounts.

The message looks something like this:

To turn on auto-prompt, go into your People Sync page and toggle auto-prompt on:

Auto-prompt is great for after the initial test or pilot phase, when you're ready to start increasing adoption at a more rapid pace. Make sure auto-prompt is on before you start your full roll out.

Option 3: Prompt via a "Single Link"

After your Mio account is configured, Mio will give you 2 URLs—one for each of the platforms you want to sync.

Any employee can click on this link to auth in and sync their accounts.

Your link will be generated for you by the Mio team and sent to your email address.

Single link is perfect for when you need people to sync through email announcements, general channels, and direct messages.

Ready to start syncing your teams for cross-platform messaging?

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