Mio gives you a number of way to manage your teams from within your admin control hub.

Click on the "Manage Teams" option to see your Active Teams. 

On the Manage Teams page, you'll be able to see your active teams, the number of people active in those groups, and your options for adding additional teams. 

To remove a team:

  • Underneath the "Add" button, next to each team, you'll see three dots "…", click here to see your options
  • Click on the "Remove" option:

Mio will bring up a pop-up box asking you if you're sure you want to remove the team:

Click on the "Remove Team" button again to complete the action.

Crucially, none of your channels and DMs will be deleted in Slack, Teams, or Cisco Webex Teams, and they will continue to appear as normal to employees after the team has been removed. 

Mio won't send a message to your employees telling them that the team has been removed either, which means you might want to give your staff a heads up.

You will need to add your team and sync all of your employees again if you decide that you want to add the team back into your Mio hub in the future. 

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