Just like syncing your public channels, you can also sync private channels in Slack with moderated spaces In Webex Teams, using the Mio Admin Control Hub.

First, it's important to understand how private channels work on both Slack and Webex Teams:

In Slack, private channels are channels designed for an exclusive audience, marked with a 🔒 next to the name. 

Slack admins can convert existing public channels to private on Slack using the instructions here.

In Webex Teams, the equivalent to private channels are moderated spaces.

In a moderated space, no one other than the moderator will have privileges to invite more people to that space. 

Members of the space will see one or more members marked as a moderator, and moderated spaces are not discoverable in the public spaces directory. 

You can read more about moderated spaces here.

How Mio syncs private channels & spaces:

Slack Private Channel > Webex Teams

In the Team Sync section of the Mio Control Hub, if you add ( ➡️or ⬅️), or connect 🔄 a private Slack channel with Cisco Webex Teams, this will create a moderated space outside of your Team in Webex Teams.

If you use your Team Sync section of the Mio Control Hub to add or connect a moderated space in Cisco Webex Teams with Slack, this will create a private channel in Slack. 

Only the people invited to the private channel in slack or the moderated space in Webex Teams will be able to view the content in that channel. 

A note about membership in synced private channels and spaces: The first invited Cisco Webex Teams member will need to be synced before they can invite non-synced Slack colleagues, and vice versa.

What if I want to make a synced private channel or space public?

We've created a method to change a private channel or moderated space back to public after it has been synced:

  1. Find the channel/space in your Mio Control Hub under Team Sync
  2. Edit the sync
  3. Search for the channel or space you'd like to change back to public.
  4. Remove the channel (this will stop syncing) and save the sync
  5. Now, change the channel or space setting back to public within Slack or Webex Teams
  6. Go back to your Mio Hub > Team Sync
  7. Sync the channel (which should now show as public) & save

Your private channel or space is now public!


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