If you've already successfully synced channels, teams and people, but your employees can't see messages coming from one app to another, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Check your Team Sync set up  

First, go to your Mio dashboard and click on Team Sync:

In Team sync, click on the "Edit Sync" option next to the team with the channel that isn't working properly.

Here, check that all of the appropriate channels are synced:

If everything is set up as it should be, try visiting the "Manage Teams" page.

2. Check your Team authorization's

Here, you can click on the three dots under the "Actions" heading, next to the team that's facing problems, and click on "Re-Auth".

If this doesn't work, you can also try checking that your employees have synced by clicking on the "People Sync" option in your control hub. 

3. Check People Sync

If someone hasn't synced, then they'll have a red dot next to their name. Click on the actions "…" menu, to prompt that person to sync or reset their sync and start from scratch. If you believe their password was reset, its likely their Mio token has expired and they'll need to be reset in people sync and re-prompted to sync their chat accounts.

If these options don't solve your messaging problem, then there may be an outage or system issue with the chat app. Contact a member of the Mio team at support@m.io. 

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