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How does Mio handle Change Control?
How does Mio handle Change Control?
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Applications, servers, and systems provided by Mio are regularly patched and updated with the latest security updates. 

All omissions and errors found in our own applications are proactively fixed and retested at the first opportunity, and all new servers are hardened before deployment to reduce potential exposure to insecurities. 

Before each production release, the software will be extensively tested and versioned according to the highest privacy and security standards. 

We thoroughly check each iteration of Mio before it is made available to the public. 

Additionally, system monitoring and logging is in place to consistently improve our level of service. 

The Mio software logs and inspects traffic passing through our systems. 

Administrative access by senior members of our team is always required to access this information. 

Log retention only lasts for an average of 72 hours and will be automatically destroyed following this time. 

Mio is SOC-2 Type II certified and is committed to keeping your data secure. All Mio staff are subject to annual security training and the engineering team apply OWASP security principles to software development.

To learn more about security at Mio, download our security white paper linked in our Security Center for more details.

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