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What is Mio's network security strategy?
What is Mio's network security strategy?
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Mio is SOC-2 Type II certified and is committed to keeping your data secure. As well as taking precautions with organizational security, Mio has robust strategies in place to protect you via network security standards too. 

Let's run through the basics at a high level:

  • Our network is segmented and secured at a vendor level, and public access to our services is highly restricted to a very limited number of servers. 

  • We only allow for minimal open ports, using only what is required to run our service. 

  • Internal access to Mio solutions by employees is restricted and managed by IP and VPN credentials and is based on a principle of least privilege.

  • To ensure software security, our systems and servers are regularly patched and updated with the latest updates in security. 

  • Omissions and errors discovered in our applications are proactively patched and tested at the earliest opportunity, and new servers are hardened before deployment. 

  • Our network security strategy also involves working with external auditors to ensure the strength and compliance of our system.

To learn more about security at Mio, download our security white paper linked in our Security Center for more details.

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