When introducing Mio to your company, everyone must understand the benefits of your new enterprise chat syncing solution. 

A roll-out strategy requires regular communication with your team, which includes insights into:

  • What you're doing (Introducing Mio) 
  • Why you're doing it (To sync conversations between Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams, and Microsoft Teams)
  • What expectations you have for your employees (To make the most of Mio by syncing with their primary chat tool)

Here's an email template you can use to get started:

Subject: Invite to try Slack < > Teams sync

Hi [Team],

We are testing our new messaging integration between Microsoft Teams and Slack, enabling you to stay in [Slack] while messaging colleagues who use [MS Teams].

You now are part of a trial group to get early access and provide us feedback before launching this feature company-wide.

Here’s how it works: 

You will be able to DM (direct message) with anyone in [MS Teams Team Name] by [CLICKING THIS LINK] and following the subsequent steps. 

You will be able to chat in channels within [workspace(s) /teams you’ve synced].

For more information and a link to reset/change your sync selection: Please [email:/ see: name@email.com /link to resource]. 

We’ll follow up with you soon to [check in/ schedule a live test].


The IT Team

Note: here’s a list of everyone in the pilot .

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