This sample setup checklist will make sure that you and your employees are ready to make the most of Mio.  

You may need to add in your own stages depending on the needs of your team.   

  • Check that your app name and service account have the same name, and have been named as you want to appear to employees.
  • Provision Slack and Microsoft Teams user accounts for all pilot testers
  • Add teams and sync channels for the pilot group
  • Complete your identity provider / SSO configuration and testing
  • Disable notifications and emails "someone is messaging you in Slack/Teams."
  • Choose your roll out date
  • Test auto-prompt and future sync functionality
  • Prepare knowledge base documentation for your teams

With auto sync, MS Teams and Webex Teams primary users will be synced automatically on Slack. No additional action or prompting will be required. Mio auto-syncs with Slack bot users, rather than full Slack user accounts. With auto-sync, you can encourage faster adoption of cross-platform chat in your workplace.

To make sure that your employees have all the information they need to use Mio, we recommend creating a document that covers a few key differentiation details, such as:

  • How to use private channels in Slack
  • How DMs will work between Slack and Microsoft Teams and how to sync
  • How storage will work with integrations (Box, Google Drive, SharePoint, etc.)
  • How membership works in teams and channels
  • How video calling works
  • How bots and integrations work
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