NOTE: This is an article related to Mio's internal product which connects teams using different chat apps within the same company. If you're looking for articles about Mio Universal Channels, please navigate here instead.

When you sign up with Mio, an account representative will link you to your online onboarding interface. We call this the Mio Hub.

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Setting up Mio

Setting up your Mio experience in the Mio Hub is very straightforward.

When you arrive on your Hub, fill in all of the required fields, including the name of your business, email address, and what you want to call your account. You'll also need to give Mio certain permissions to sync your company's platforms.

Mio is a cloud service that you don't need to deploy on premise.

Syncing your channels with Mio

Admins with access to the Mio control hub can sync one or more channel in their "Team Sync" environment. To do this, click on "create new sync," then:

  • Select the two teams you want to sync
  • Search for the channels you want to synchronize and use the arrows to connect the channels
  • Turn on future sync to automatically update synced channels
  • Repeat the process to sync additional channels

On the Team Sync page, your sync shows as pending until it's marked as new sync. 

Prompting and people sync with Mio 

Syncing your channels is just the first step of the Mio experience. Once you have your channels set up, you'll need your people to sync too. People Sync on Mio prompts employees to set their primary chat platform, so that messages from secondary platforms can be posted natively on other channels and spaces. 

You can see the difference between the experience that synced and non-synced employees have here. 

In the People Sync section of the Mio hub, you can see each person's sync status in your team:

  • Sync on: Already synced and can send messages across platforms
  • Sync off: Not synced and cannot receive messages from other platforms
  • Sync pending: The person has been prompted to sync but has not yet completed the required steps

Admins can prompt users to sync. You can prompt one person at a time by clicking on the three dots next to their name in the People Sync tab. Admins can also turn on the auto-prompt feature to automatically keep employees informed about how to activate syncing.

When auto-prompting is on, people with sync switched off will be prompted to choose a primary channel when they try to send a message to someone who has already synced their account. 

Piloting and evaluating Mio

When your Control Hub is set up, you can pilot Mio to a small section of your company to ensure that all the features are working as intended.

Making the most of Mio with a rollout

Once your pilot period is over you're now ready to rollout to the rest of your company. You can:

Please contact our team if you have any other questions getting started.

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