People Sync is the tool available in Mio to help you get your team members up and running with the software.

With People Sync, you can use auto-prompt to automatically ask users to choose and sync their primary chat app.

So, what happens when a new staff member joins your team?

Your new additions will appear in People Sync at different times, depending on the chat tool you're using. For instance:

  • Slack: Employees appear in People Sync as soon as they're added within the Slack "General" channel. Every weekend, we'll import any new users in the channel if they haven't already been added when they attempt to interact with users/channels already powered by Mio.
  • Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams: We'll update People Sync every weekend, and your new employees will also appear on your list when they interact with users/channels already powered by Mio.

If you need help getting people up and running instantly, contact our team.

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