Future sync is a setting that lets you automatically sync new channels and/or their settings as employees create and update channels locally.

First, let’s walk through the process of using Team Sync to sync two channels.

  1. From the Mio Control Hub Dashboard, click Team Sync in the left-hand menu.

2. Select the two teams you want to sync. The next step will allow you to pick which specific channels you’d like to sync from those two teams.

3. Once you click Sync Channels (1 of 3), you’ll see a page where you can select which channel from the first team you want to connect (or add) to the second team.

4. Click Confirm Sync (2 of 3), and you’ll be taken to the last step where you can configure future sync settings.

Future sync settings

  • Sync new channels - a newly created channel in one team will create a new channel for the other team
  • Sync channel name changes - an updated channel name in one team will update the channel name for the other team
  • Sync archived channels - a locally archived channel in one team will delete that channel for the other team

Setting the sync direction

If the ➡️arrow is pointing from Slack ➡️Microsoft Teams, that means a change in the (left) Slack channel will only apply to (right) Microsoft Teams and not the other way around.

  • ➡️- A change on the left team will only update the team on the right.
  • ⬅️- A change on the right team will only update the team on the left.
  • ↔️ - A change on either team will update both directions.

A newly created Microsoft Teams channel would NOT be created in the Slack team based on the above image.

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