NOTE: This is an article related to Mio's internal product which connects teams using different chat apps within the same company. If you're looking for articles about Mio Universal Channels, please navigate here instead.

If you're connecting Slack with Microsoft Teams, you may need to turn on Interactivity to allow your company's users to freely rename their group chat channels.

Whenever a MS Teams user creates a private channel, Mio names the Slack private channel: _teams-chat-*********

  • “_” enables all teams-created chats to appear at the top of the Slack users’ sidebar
  • “teams-chat” signifies that the private channel was created from Microsoft Teams
  • The end of the private channel name includes a unique identifier. E.g. tacopug, aquabee, tinydot

Enable Interactivity

To rename the private channel name in Slack, your workspace must have Interactivity enabled.

  1. Go to your Slack app settings from this page:
  2. Click on {Company} Chat app.
  3. Go to Interactive Components under Features.
  4. Turn Interactivity on.
  5. Enter a Request URL: https://{tenant}
  6. Save changes.
  7. Contact your Mio customer success manager that you have enabled Interactivity so we can turn it on for you in your Mio tenant.

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