Bulk prompt allows admins to easily send an in-app message to a specified group of users who still need to sync. Admins can upload a .csv file which will tell Mio exactly which users to prompt.

If your users primarily use Microsoft Teams or Webex Teams and need to sync with Slack, check out our auto-sync feature which automatically creates Slack bots for them without the need for prompting.

How do I bulk prompt?

To start, head over to People Sync from your Mio Control Hub.

In the top right-hand corner, select Actions and then Bulk Prompt.

Preparing a .csv file for bulk prompt

Download the template .csv file provided. There should only be two columns: email and platform. Platform refers to the user's primary platform, which means that is where they'll receive the prompt message.

  • For Slack, use slack as the platform name
  • For Microsoft Teams, use teams as the platform name
  • For Webex Teams, use spark as the platform name

Once you've pasted your information into the template, save it, upload it, and hit submit.

What do I do once I submit the .csv?

You'll be able to view all bulk prompt jobs by clicking View all jobs in the lower left-hand corner of the Bulk Prompt window.

You have the option to expand the Errors view to see if any users were not prompted, and the most likely reason why.

You can also Pause all jobs to prevent Mio from continuing a bulk prompt job.

As a reminder, your bulk prompt job will be scheduled within 1 hour and could take up to 5 seconds per email to complete.

Other ways to prompt

You can auto-prompt people by toggling the option on at the top of your page:

You can also send individual prompts on the People Sync page:

What's next?

  1. How do I filter users by their platform, sync status, and/or sync type?
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