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When a Microsoft Teams primary user creates a multi-party conversation (MPC) in Microsoft Teams, Mio creates a private channel on Slack and names it with a prefix “_teams-chat-*********.

Follow these steps to let your Slack users locally rename their private channels. These channel names will not be reflected in the Microsoft Teams MPC.

Enable Interactivity in Slack

First, ensure that your Slack settings have Interactivity enabled.

Renaming the Slack private channel

This is what Slack users initially see when they’re added to a group chat started by a Microsoft Teams user.

Our randomly generated name was _teams-chat-echosky. 

As a Slack user, this can be confusing if you’re in multiple private channels and can’t remember which channel is for which topic.

Slack users will now see a message with the button to rename their private channel.

Click the Rename channel button to locally type in a new channel name. Remember, Microsoft Teams users won’t see the renamed channel—only Slack users.

Slack users can now keep better track of their channels without keeping track of the initial randomly generated name.

What's next?

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