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What is an "active user"?

A user in your organization that sends or receives messages in a universal channel/direct message in a given pay period. Users in external organizations are not counted as active users.

What is an external organization?

Organizations that join your universal channels or direct messages.

How does pricing work for universal channels? 

Your contacts can join your universal channels for free as well, but they also have to install the app on their own workspace or tenant.

Frequently asked questions

Which users need a Mio license?

You will need a Mio user license for all users on your workspace/tenant who are members of an active universal channel or an active cross-platform direct message exchange during the billing period.

Do my external contacts need to pay for Mio?

No, it's free for your external contacts to join your universal channels or accept direct message invitations from you.

Do you offer non-profit or educational discounts?

We do not have set discounts for non-profits or educational institutions at this time. If you're working with teams supporting the COVID-19 response, please let us know. We would love to help you out.

Do I have to have a paid Microsoft Teams account?

Yes, you have to have a paid Microsoft Teams account in order to install Mio. Mio works with the free versions of Slack and Webex.

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