How does pricing work for universal channels? 

We charge based on the number of universal channels you create. You can join an unlimited number of universal channels (as a member, not a creator) for free.

Your contacts can join your universal channels for free as well, but they also have to install the app on their own workspace or tenant.

What if I need more than 3 channels?

For more channels, you can choose between our Professional Plan for $99/month or a custom Enterprise Plan if you need to create more than 10 channels.

You can also deactivate unused channels in order to stay within your monthly limit.


  • For individuals who only need up to 3 universal channels to chat with external contacts.

Professional Plan

  • Create up to 10 universal channels.
  • Company-wide plan with centralized admin controls and billing.

Enterprise Plan

Frequently asked questions

Do you charge for channels per workspace or per individual? 

Our pricing plans calculate the number of universal channels have been created. 

  • The Free Plan is for individual use. Multiple users within the same organization can have a Free Plan if they want to.
  • The Professional Plan is an organization-wide plan recommended for administrators who need channel management and admin approval.

Do you offer a special plan for enterprise companies?

We have a Professional Plan for companies who need up to 10 channels. However, if your company needs more than 10 channels, please reach out to us.

Do you offer non-profit or educational discounts?

We do not have set discounts for non-profits or educational institutions at this time. If you're working with teams supporting the COVID-19 response, please let us know. We would love to help you out.

Do I have to have a paid Microsoft Teams account?

Yes, you have to have a paid Microsoft Teams account in order to install Mio Universal Channels. Mio works with the free versions of Slack and Webex Teams.

Do I have to pay for the members in a universal channel?

No. Since we charge based on the number of universal channels you have, only the owner of the channel has to pay. The number of members or accounts in a universal channel does not matter.

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