Introduction to Mio

Mio works in the background of your Slack app to send your channel and direct messages cross platform to Microsoft Teams and Webex.

Slack Permissions

Mio uses Slack's new Granular Permissions in order to request only the permissions we need to make the app function. When you install Mio on your Slack workspace, you'll see a list of the specific permissions that Mio requests and have an opportunity to approve or reject those permissions.

Does Mio store my messages?

  1. Mio only has access to messages in channels or DMs where the Mio bot is a member, and only the messages sent while the Mio bot is in the channel (i.e. messages sent before Mio bot joins or after Mio bot leaves the channel are not accessible).

  2. The Mio bot only needs to be in the channel(s) or space(s) that you want to use for as universal channels. Consequently Mio will only be a member of channels that a user invites it to.

Mio does not have access to anyone's private DMs (unless it's a DM with Mio), nor does Mio have access to any public or private channel content unless someone from your team has explicitly added the Mio bot to the channel.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or security practices, please reach out directly using the chat bubble in the lower right corner.

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