Create a universal channelĀ 

Step 1

After you install the Mio Universal Channels app in Slack, head to the app's Messages tab and find the welcome message or type and send "/mio menu".

Step 2

Select the šŸš€ Create New Channel button, select New Slack channel, name your channel, select a channel privacy, and Create.

The Mio app will give you your channel's secure link in a new message.

Step 3

Copy and share this link with any external contact. They can now chat with you regardless if they're using Microsoft Teams or Webex Teams.

Retrieving the invite link later

Type in /mio invite directly in any universal channel (not with the bot) and press Enter as if you're sending a message.

This slash command will only work in existing universal channels in Slack.

Inviting local Slack users from the same workspace

If you want to invite other Slack users in your same workspace to a universal channel, you can invite them how you normally would in Slack.Ā 

  • Type /invite in your channel and @mention your colleague, ORĀ 
  • In the right sidebar of your channel under About this channel, click on the Members tab. Then click the Add People button and select Add to channel. Press Continue.

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