Are you seeing an error within a channel you are trying to convert into a Universal Channel? This means the Mio app isn't added to your specific team.

You can easily fix the issue by adding the Mio app to the right Team.

Depending on your access level, there are three options fix this.

Note: If you use the free version of Microsoft Teams, you cannot use Mio at this time.

Option 1: Manage team settings

  1. Look for the Team where you channel lives in your sidebar.
  2. Select "· · ·" next to the Team name and see if you have ability to Manage team.
    - If you don't see Manage Team, proceed to Option 2.
    - If you do see Manage Team, follow steps 3 and on below.
  3. From Manage Team, go to the Apps tab and select More apps.
  4. Find the Mio Universal Channels app but 🛑 don't click Add.
  5. Hover over the arrow on the "Add" button, select the drop-down option Add to a team.
    - On the "Select a channel" screen, search or find the channel of a Team you want to install Mio in and select Set up a bot.
    - You can always add Mio to more Teams later.

Option 2: Create a new team

If you do not see an option to Manage Team under the Team you were hoping to install Mio in, you can try a workaround by creating a new Team that you own and a new channel within it. Keep in mind, you will need to invite any other colleagues who need to be in the channel into this new team.

Once you create the new Team and channel within it, follow the regular instructions for adding the app.

If you were not able to create a new Team, your admin may not allow this. In this case, you'll need to use Option 3.

Option 3: Forward instructions to your admin

If you don't have ability to complete any of the options above, you can send your admin an email to request that they install Mio on your behalf. When forwarding the instructions to your admin, just add the name of the Team in Microsoft Teams that you'd like them to install Mio in.

Need more help? 

Send us a message if you'd like more help with Universal Channels on Microsoft Teams. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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