If you were trying to install the Mio app for Slack and received a 500 Server Error or "A team preference prevents the authenticated user from creating channels," there are some settings you can change to fix this issue.

  1. In your Slack app, select your workspace name in the top left corner. Under Settings & administration, select Workspace settings from the drop-down list. 
  2. Go to the Permissions tab at the top.
  3. Scroll down to Channel Management and choose Expand.
  4. For People who can create private channels, change the setting to Everyone, plus Multi-Channel Guests.
  5. For People who can create public channels, change the setting to Everyone, except guests.
  6. Save your settings.

Need more help?

If you're unable to access your Slack workspace settings, you can start an install request to notify your Slack admin that you want to install Mio.

If you'd like assistance with installing the Mio app, let us know and a member of our team will reach out as soon as possible.

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