If you have an existing channel in Microsoft Teams, you can convert it into a universal channel and start inviting external contacts to chat with you.

Before you start

  • The Mio app must be installed within the specific team where your existing channel lives.
  • The Mio app will not work on private channels, only public ones.

Option 1: With the app extension

Step 1

At the bottom of your existing channel, find the · · · and select Mio.

Step 2

Click on Convert and invite.

Congratulations! Your existing channel is now a universal channel.

The link for the universal channel should start with "app.m.io/uc/" as shown below. Copy and paste this link to invite others to your universal channel.

If you're having trouble seeing the window, you may want to check if the Microsoft Teams app was correctly installed to your team first.

Option 2: With admin consent

Step 1

In the direct chat with the Mio app, send the command "create".

Step 2

  1. Select Existing channel from the drop-down list.
  2. Find the Team where your existing channel resides.
  3. Pick the channel you want to convert.

Step 3

Copy and share the invite link to any external contact. They will need to install the app and authenticate as well.

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