In Microsoft Teams, you can invite others to chat with you by sharing the link that the bot generates after you create your universal channel.

Note: These steps work for existing channels as well, as long as the channel is in a team where the Mio app is installed.

Read this article first if you haven't created a universal channel yet.

Step 1

At the bottom of any channel, find the · · · and select the Mio app.

Step 2

You'll see a popup with your channel name, share link, and member list.

Copy and share this link with any external contact. You can also send a direct email invite to your contact's inbox without leaving Slack.

Your external contacts will be asked to install the Mio app on their own chat platform, whether it's Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Webex.

If your colleagues are in the same Microsoft Teams organization as you, you can invite them to your universal channel as you normally would for a regular channel.

In the universal channel you want to add people to, click to · · · next to the channel name. Then select Add member.

Type in the person's name or username, and select Add.

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