Make sure you have a paid Microsoft Teams account

  • Note: We're unable to get your organization/tenant information on free accounts and therefore the app will not work as intended.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Teams on your device or browser.

Step 2

From the sidebar, find and click on "Apps".

  • If the option to install an app doesn’t show up, this might mean you don’t have permission to install the application.
  • You can either ask your administrator to grant you permission, or forward them an email with the app install details.

Step 3

Search Mio Universal Channels in the search bar and select the result on the right.

Step 4

Select the down arrow 🔽 on the "Add" button and choose Add to a team.

NOTE: The app will not work as intended if it's not added to a specific team.

Step 5

On the following screen, search for the channel of a Team you want to install Mio in and select Set up a bot.

NOTE: You can always add Mio to more Teams later.

Step 6

Check for a direct message from the Mio Universal Channels bot and click Authenticate to login to your account.

Step 7

Congratulations, you installed Mio Universal Channels successfully! Look for a message from Mio Universal Channels to get started.

Type ‘help’ in a direct message to the Mio Universal Channels bot for further assistance.

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