What you'll need:

Part 1: Create a new channel in Microsoft Teams 

If someone sent you an invite link to a universal channel, you will need to first create a new channel in Microsoft Teams.

Step 1

Under the desired team you want to join the channel from, select the "· · ·" and select Add channel.

Step 2

Fill out the desired fields.

For the Channel name, name that channel the name you want the Slack people to see - it can be the same as the Team name. 

Make sure Privacy is not private (The Universal Channels app will not work on private channels, only public ones).

Then select Add.

Part 2: Join a universal channel

Step 1

Copy the invite link you received from your external contact. It should look something like app.m.io/uc/abcde

  • If you do not have Mio Universal Channels installed yet, follow these steps to install it from the Microsoft Teams app store.

Step 2

At the bottom of your newly created channel, find the "· · ·" and select Mio Universal Channels. 

Step 3

Paste the invite link of the channel into the second option and click Connect and join.

Congratulations! You have joined the universal channel.

If you're having trouble seeing the window, you may want to check if the Microsoft Teams app was correctly installed to your team first.

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