What you'll need before starting:

  1. The Mio app installed in a specific team in Microsoft Teams

  2. The universal channel link that your contact sent you (app.m.io/uc/abcde)

Part 1: Create a new channel in Microsoft Teams 

If someone sent you an invite link to a universal channel, you need to first create a new channel in Microsoft Teams.

Step 1

Next to the team you installed the Mio app in, select the · · · and select Add channel.

  • IMPORTANT: We recommend NOT converting your team's General channel as this channel is not fully compatible with Mio universal channels. Please create a brand new channel instead.

Step 2

Fill out the desired fields.

Make sure Privacy is not private (The Mio app will not work on private channels, only public ones).

Then select Add.

Part 2: Joining a universal channel

Step 1

Copy the invite link you received from your external contact. It should look something like app.m.io/uc/abcde

Step 2

At the bottom of your newly created channel, find the "· · ·" and select the Mio app. 

Step 3

Paste the invite link into the bottom field and select Connect and join.

Congratulations! You have joined the universal channel.

What's next?

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