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Step 1

In your Slack sidebar under Apps, find the Mio app.

In a direct message, type and send /mio create.

Step 2

A window will pop up where you can type in your desired channel name—50 characters max, no spaces or capitalization.

Select New Slack channel. Type in the channel name.

Decide whether you want the channel to be public or private, and select Create.

Step 3

That was easy! You have successfully created a channel.

Copy the link and share it with external contacts who use Microsoft Teams and Webex. You can also send an email to invite your contacts straight from their inbox.

Now you can all stay in your preferred chat app, but work together in a universal channel. Happy chatting!

Slash commands for the Mio app

/mio menu

Send /mio menu in a message with the Mio app to pull up:

  • Create New Channel

  • My Channels

  • Help

  • Live support channel with the Mio team 

/mio help 

Send /mio help in any universal channel or with the Mio app to quickly pull up useful slash commands. 

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