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Does Mio store files that are shared between chat apps?
Does Mio store files that are shared between chat apps?
Are my shared files secure when sending to Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom Team Chat?
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File sharing is a supported feature for Mio on Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom Team Chat, and Webex. We also support and encourage the sharing of links for files stored on Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.

Mio does not persistently store user messages or files. Message metadata is retained by Mio for future reconciliation across platforms. However, the underlying messages and files are not permanently retained.

Administrators on the Pro plan have the option of disabling file sharing in their Mio hub.

When my user uploads a file, where does it go?

Mio provides a proxy service for all files uploaded. When a file is either uploaded or requested by a connected platform or user, Mio will connect and authenticate to the source platform and request the file. As the file is streamed, an outbound connection is made to the target platform or authenticated user, and the file is proxied to the recipient. Occasionally, a real-time stream between the platforms is not possible. In this scenario, the file is requested and temporarily cached on the Mio server before the outbound connection is made. This two-part transmission is still achieved through a single transaction, ensuring that the file is not retained by Mio outside the transfer session.

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