Once you've created or joined a universal channel in Microsoft Teams, you may want to do things like:

  • View external members in the channel

  • Find the channel's invite link to invite more members

  • Deactivate the channel (only if you have permission to do so)

The important thing to know is that you don't need to talk to the Mio app directly in the channel. That would be noisy for other members!

Instead, use the Mio app extension.

Step 1

At the bottom of any channel, find the · · · and select Mio.

  • Don't see the app? Make sure the Mio app is installed in that channel's team.

From here, you can

  1. Copy channel's invite link

  2. View your channel's member list

  3. View the channel's owner

  4. Send an email invite to a contact who hasn't joined yet

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