If you have an existing space in Webex, you can convert it into a universal channel and start inviting external contacts to chat with you.

Note: This feature is only available for spaces that aren't added to any teams. If your existing space is in a team, you need to first remove it by clicking the gear icon next to your space's name.

Convert an existing Webex space to a universal channel

Step 1

In a direct chat with the Mio bot, type and send "create" to pull up the create channel menu.

Step 2

Choose Existing space.

Step 3

Find and select the Webex space that you want to convert into a universal channel.

  • If you can't find your space from the drop-down list, please make sure that the space is removed from the team it's in.

Step 4

Congratulations! You've converted your Webex space into a universal channel. Copy and share the invite link with any external contact. They will need to install the app and authenticate as well.

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