If you're in a universal channel with external contacts on different chat apps, you can send them a private direct message (DM).

How it works

Depending on your primary platform, Mio provisions secondary apps (or bots) on your behalf for the other platforms that we support.

  • Eg. If you use universal channels on Microsoft Teams, Mio automatically provisions secondary apps of you on Slack or Webex.

Secondary apps have your name & avatar to relay your messages to your external contact.

Example use case

Sammy on Slack needs to chat with Miguel on Microsoft Teams in a direct message. When Sammy sends Miguel an invite to DM, their Slack workspace installs Miguel's secondary app (because Miguel is primarily on MS Teams).

Miguel receives Sammy's invite and accepts. This causes Miguel's MS Teams tenant to install Sammy's secondary app (because Sammy is primarily on Slack).

Sammy sees Miguel in the "Apps" section of their Slack sidebar because they are technically messaging Miguel's app on Slack. Miguel sees Sammy's avatar in a hexagon shape because he is technically messaging their app on MS Teams.

However, Miguel stays in MS Teams and Sammy stays in Slack. Both of their apps are impersonating them and relaying their messages back and forth.

Get started with direct messages

For step-by-step instructions on how to chat with external contacts in DMs, check out our articles below:

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