Bot Token Scopes

These scopes govern what our Mio Universal Channels app can access.

OAuth Scope


Use Case


Read the content of rooms that you’re in

To deliver messages and other content to other chat platforms like Microsoft Team and Slack


Read your company directory

To track Webex Teams membership to keep the membership of the larger Universal Channel up to date


List the teams you are a member of

Allows us to know what teams are available to create channels in


List the titles of spaces that you are in

Allows us know what channels are available, so we can offer to convert them to a universal channel


Invite people to rooms on your behalf

Allows us to add the bot to channels that you want to be a universal channel


Access to read your user's organizations

Allows us to read company information so we know its name, and can identify people from the same company

If you have any other questions regarding security for Mio Universal Channels, please reach out to our team.

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