How to create a regular channel in Microsoft Teams

By default, you will only be able to create a universal channel by converting an existing channel on Microsoft Teams.

Create a regular Microsoft Teams channel and convert it to a universal channel

Step 1

Simply create a regular channel in Microsoft Teams within the Team you've installed Mio.

NOTE: We recommend NOT converting your team's General channel as this channel is not fully compatible with Mio universal channels. Please create a brand new channel instead.

Step 2

Go back to the direct message with the Mio bot. Type and send the word "menu" to the bot.

Step 3

Select Create Channel > Existing channel.

Find the channel you created in Step 1 and select Create.

That's it!

If you'd like to create universal channels directly (without converting existing Microsoft Teams channels), you or an admin needs to upgrade Mio's app scopes.

Select New Channel during Step 3 and authorize as an admin in order to unlock this feature.

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