Step by step

Step 1

To @mention an external contact in a universal channel first find their full name as listed in the member list.

Step 2

@mentions will only work if you @ their full name as its listed in the member list.

In the above example, I would type and send @Wendy Patel (with the spaces) in order to mention Wendy in my universal channel.

Why does it look like the @mention didn't work on my end?

If you're @mentioning a user on a different platform from you, it might look like you sent it wrong. However, the user experience is optimized for the receiver of the @mention.

  • The recipient will receive the @mention with the correct highlight/notification.

  • The sender does not see the @mention "highlighted" properly because the person they are mentioning is not a native user of their workspace or tenant.

In the meantime, we are working hard to optimize the experience for the senders.

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