What features are in the Mio Hub?
What should I expect to see as an admin of Mio for my organization?
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This article covers:

Accessing the Mio Hub

Step 1

Go to https://m.io/ and click Sign in in the top right corner.

Step 2

Sign in using the platform you originally authenticated the Mio app with.


This page shows a list of all active users within your organization. An active user is any user who sends or receives messages in a channel or direct message.

You can also see how many channels and direct messages each active user is a member of.

Connect Center

Import your teams and workspaces so Mio can see all the users and channels/spaces that need to be synced for cross-platform messaging.

Channel Sync

Once your teams are imported, you can map existing channels (or add new ones) so that users can send channel messages while staying on their preferred platform.

User Sync

Select the primary platform of each user (the platform they prefer chatting from) and sync them with another platform so that they can send direct messages to any colleague.


Upgrade your plan or add payment methods.


General Settings

  • Join/Leave Notifications: Turn this off to stop Mio from posting join & leave notifications (in channels).


  • File Sharing: Manage access to your files for users with full accounts. Disable file sharing to keep your files within their respective chat platforms.

  • File Sharing for Guest Accounts: Manage access to your files across platforms of users with guest accounts. Disable file sharing to keep your files within their respective chat platforms.

  • Restricted Users: Add a user's email address to the restricted users list to prevent them from sending messages outside of your organization.

Roles & Permissions

Add the email addresses of additional Mio Hub administrators.

Logging out

To log out of the admin control hub, click the arrow next to your name in the bottom left corner of the page.

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