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Connect Platforms is a specific feature for organizations with internal teams who use multiple chat apps.

  • If you need to connect with external contacts who use different chat apps, you can install the Mio app directly at

  • If you need to connect your internal teams who use different chat apps, schedule a demo call with us today and our team will help you get set up with Connect Platforms.

Video walk through

Connect Platforms

After your organization has enabled the Connect Platforms feature, admins can log into the hub and navigate to the Connect Platforms page.

Step 1

Add your organization’s various workspaces and teams by clicking the + symbol on the top right corner.

Step 2

You will be asked to log in to your organization's platforms using OAuth.

  • In the example below, Acme, Inc. has authorized their Teams and Slack accounts.

Mio will display a list of all the channels on each platform that needs to be synced for Channel Sync.

Channel Sync

Step 1

After your admin has connected the platforms in the previous step, navigate to the Channel Sync page and click the + in the top right corner to create a new sync.

Step 2

Select the platforms that you authorized back on the Connect Platforms page.

Step 3

Find the channels/space that you'd like to sync.

  • When you select Add, you are creating a new channel on the opposite team/workspace.

  • When you select Connect, you are mapping two existing channels on the different platforms.

Step 4

Follow the rest of the steps through the confirmation screen to finalize your sync. If you have many channels, this may take a few minutes.

And that's it! Messages should now be flowing back and forth between the channels that you've selected.


"2020 Retrospective" is an existing channel on Microsoft Teams, but not on Slack. Since we selected Add ➡️, Mio will create a new "2020 Retrospective" channel on Slack so that messages can flow to both platforms.

"Acme-sales" and "sales-team" are both existing channels on Microsoft Teams and Slack. Since we selected Connect ↔️, Mio will bridge the channels so that both teams will start receiving the same messages.

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