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  1. Mio for internal communications is only available to customers on our Pro plan or higher. To activate these settings, schedule a call with our team.

  2. Check your Microsoft Teams admin settings to ensure that every feature will work properly before continuing.

  3. Check your Slack admin settings to ensure that every feature will work properly before continuing.

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  1. Creating the service user for Microsoft Teams

  2. Connect Platforms - authenticating your organization's different chat platforms

  3. Channel Sync - mapping your organization's channels cross-platform

  4. User Sync - enabling colleagues to search for and message cross-platform

Creating the service user for Microsoft Teams

A Microsoft Teams service user provides Mio a consistent and reliable user token for listening to messages. Mio will automatically add this service user as a member to any team that is connected via Connect Platforms.

  1. Start in the Azure Portal and click Users under Azure services.

  2. Click + New user.

  3. Complete the new user form, taking note of the password if auto-generated. Click Create.

  4. Open the profile of the service user you just created.

  5. Under the Manage section, navigate to Assigned Roles. Click + Add assignments.

  6. In the Directory roles list, choose both Application administrator and Teams administrator. Then click Add.

  7. Refresh the page to ensure that your service account is assigned as both application administrator and Teams administrator.

For more information on why a service user is beneficial for cross-platform messaging, download our full Microsoft Teams Installation Requirements (PDF).

Connect Platforms

Step 1

Log into the hub and navigate to the Connect Platforms page.

Click the + symbol on the top right corner and select Connect with Microsoft Teams.

  • IMPORTANT: Do NOT authenticate with your regular Teams account. Sign in with the service user that you created in the previous section instead.

Step 2

On the Connect Platforms page, click the + again and Connect with Slack. You may authenticate with your regular Slack account for this step.

Both Microsoft Teams and Slack should appear like the image below if you successfully authenticated.

What if I created new channels after I authenticated in Connect Platforms?

If you create a new channel after you authenticated in Connect Platforms, you'll have to re-authenticate your platforms for the channel list to be refreshed.

Follow steps 1 and 2 above again using the same accounts to refresh the channel list.

Channel Sync

Step 1

After your admin has connected the platforms in the previous step, navigate to the Channel Sync page and click the + in the top right corner to create a new sync.

Step 2

Select the platforms that you authorized back on the Connect Platforms page.

Step 3

Find the channels/space that you'd like to sync.

  • When you select Add, you are creating a new channel on the opposite team/workspace.

  • When you select Connect, you are mapping two existing channels on the different platforms.

Step 4

Follow the rest of the steps through the confirmation screen to finalize your sync. If you have many channels, this may take a few minutes.

And that's it! Messages should now be flowing back and forth between the channels that you've selected.


"2020 Retrospective" is an existing channel on Microsoft Teams, but not on Slack. Since we selected Add ➡️, Mio will create a new "2020 Retrospective" channel on Slack so that messages can flow to both platforms.

"Acme-sales" and "sales-team" are both existing channels on Microsoft Teams and Slack. Since we selected Connect , Mio will bridge the channels so that both teams will start receiving the same messages.

User Sync

User Sync allows colleagues who use multiple platforms to message each other.

The User Sync page displays a list of all of your company's unsynced users, based on the teams you authenticated on Connect Platforms.

Unsynced users are not yet enabled for cross-platform messaging. They will not show up on other platforms until you sync them.

Primary Platform refers to the platform that your users prefer when chatting.

The App column shows the platform where Mio will emulate (and sync) their account.

Step 1

Find the user you want to enable cross-platform messaging for and click the Sync User button.

In this example, Megan Bowen is primarily a Microsoft Teams user, but clicking Sync User means that colleagues will be able to search for and message Megan directly from Slack.

Step 2

Tab over to the Synced page to ensure that the user is finished syncing.

Megan's colleagues will be able to search for her and start a direct message. She will send and receive messages from her Microsoft Teams tenant.

If you need to sync users in bulk, schedule a call with us today and a member of our team will help you get set up.

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