For users to participate in cross-platform messaging, they must be represented in both their primary chat app and their secondary chat app. When syncing with Microsoft Teams specifically, users can be represented with regular accounts (Full Account Sync) or guest accounts (Guest Account Sync).

Who should use Full Account Sync?

Full Account Sync is for organizations who already have Microsoft 365 licenses for each employee.

  • Note: If your organization doesn’t have user accounts for each employee, please read Guest Account Sync for more information.

What is the end-user experience like for Full Account Sync?

First, the user must be synced in the Mio Hub by their Mio administrator. This is done through Connect Platforms and User Sync.

Once that user sends or receives a cross-platform message, they will be prompted by the Mio app to authorize the Chat.ReadWrite scope. This prompt only happens the first time they send or receive a cross-platform message and only happens once.

Why do our users need a Microsoft Teams account in the first place?

Mio allows cross-platform chatting by connecting a primary account with a secondary account. The Primary Platform is the user's preferred chat application, and the

Secondary Platform is the chat application the user wants to connect with, but not use.

Acme, Inc. has an engineering team that uses Slack for work. However, they need to communicate with the sales team, who use Microsoft Teams.

Acme, Inc. uses Mio to keep engineers on their Primary Platform, Slack, to chat with the sales team, whose Primary Platform is Microsoft Teams.

With Mio, all the engineers are now searchable on Microsoft Teams, and all sales reps are now searchable on Slack.

Once a user is represented on both of your organizations platforms, Mio can then sync the users so a message sent by someone in one platform will show up natively in the other.

Does Mio require a user account to sync with Microsoft Teams?

No. If your organization does not provide Microsoft Teams accounts for your employees, Mio can create guest accounts on behalf of your organization. Guest accounts do not require licenses and are completely free. Mio's Guest Account Sync solution also does not need to prompt users for the additional scope.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams accounts?

Mio leverages your organization's existing Microsoft accounts to make the chat experience feel native. It will seem as if your non-Teams users are sending messages from Teams, even though they may be on Slack, Webex, or Zoom Team Chat. Native chat experiences limit confusion and boost productivity.

What are the limitations of using Microsoft Teams accounts?

Currently, Microsoft APIs don’t support the editing and deleting of cross-platform messages for user accounts, but these APIs are in their developer preview. We foresee this feature being supported in the next year, depending on Microsoft’s roadmap.

Additionally, each user on Microsoft Teams that engages in cross-platform chat will need to be prompted once to authenticate the additional scope. Those who do not send or receive cross-platform messages will not be prompted.

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