What is Connect Platforms?

Connect Platforms is the first step for Mio to connect your organization's different chat platforms. It gives Mio access to the teams and workspaces you want to make interoperable.

Table of Contents

  1. Check your admin settings

  2. Why do I need a service account?

  3. Create a Microsoft Teams service account

  4. Import your Microsoft Teams teams in Connect Platforms

Check your admin settings for Microsoft Teams

Before proceeding with the rest of the guide, ensure that your settings in Microsoft and Slack are updated, or Mio may not work as intended.

Why do I need a service account?


Mio historically used the token of the user that installed the Mio app to administer the universal channels. If that user is removed from or leaves a team, Mio no longer has a valid token to successfully send messages from Microsoft Teams to other platforms.

This current logic places a dependency on end users and increases the risk of breaking a synced channel.


Creating this account provides Mio a consistent and reliable user token for administering universal channels. Mio will automatically add this service account as a member to any Microsoft Teams team that is added during Connect Platforms.

Note: The service account needs to be both an Application and Teams admin. They also need to be User admin if you are syncing with guest accounts.

Major benefits

Creating a dedicated Mio service account would allow for the following:

  • One source for audit logs tracking Mio activity.

  • Dedicated account for connecting platforms, eliminating dependency on a single employee.

Create a Microsoft Teams service account

The following settings are only accessible by Application admins or higher.

Step 1

Start in the Azure Portal and search for Users at the top.

Step 2

Click + New user.

Complete the new user form and write down the password if auto-generated.

Step 3

Scroll down to Groups and roles and click User.

Step 4

In the Directory roles list, search for and select Application administrator and Teams administrator.

Select User administrator if you need guest accounts for your users.

Step 5

Save your choices and refresh the page to ensure the roles have been correctly assigned.

Add your Microsoft Teams teams to Connect Platforms

Connect Platforms requires at least two platforms to proceed. In this example, we will add Microsoft Teams first.

Step 1

Go to https://m.io and sign in with your Microsoft Teams service account.

Step 2

On the left sidebar, navigate to Connect Platforms.

Click the plus button in the top right corner and then Connect with Microsoft Teams.

Step 3

Once you log in with your service account, Mio will request access to scopes that will allow us to see a list of teams that we will need to sync with later on.

After clicking Accept, a list of your teams should appear. Select all of the ones you'd like to import so that Mio can get an accurate list of channels and users that need chat interoperability.

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