You may want to remove the bots that Mio has created in your Webex environment due to reasons such as employees leaving the company, or users picking a different primary platform to chat with.

Part 1: Reset the Webex bot that represents your user

Step 1

Log in to the Mio Hub with your admin account (or service account).

Step 2

Navigate to User Sync > the Sync users tab. Find the user whose Webex bot you want to reset or delete, and click the ︙ to the far right.

Click Reset user.

This will remove this user's app from the Mio database and unsync it so that they're not longer available for cross-platform messaging.

Keep reading to delete the user's Webex bot from your organization's account.

Part 2: Delete the Webex bot from your organization's account

Step 1

Go to and sign in with the Service Account that you used to sync users in the Mio Hub.

Step 2

Scroll down (or search the page with ctrl+f or cmd+f) until you see the user's app that you want to delete.

Click on the app to view the app's details.

Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Delete Bot.

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