For users to participate in cross-platform messaging, they must be represented in both their primary chat app and their secondary chat app. When syncing with Webex specifically, users can be represented with regular accounts (Account Sync) or bots (Bot Sync).

Who should use Webex Bot Sync?

Bot Sync is for organizations that don't already have Webex user licenses for each user.

Mio creates a Webex bot using Webex APIs to represent your users who don't have Webex licenses.

What is the end-user experience like for bot-synced users?

There is no friction or authentication required from your users who choose Webex as their secondary platform. The administrator can sync every user through Connect Platforms and User Sync.

For users who use Webex as their primary platform, they will see a bot label in the avatar of colleagues who picked Webex as their secondary platform.

Why do our users need a Webex account in the first place?

Mio allows cross-platform chatting by connecting a primary account with a secondary account. The Primary Platform is the user's preferred chat application and the

Secondary Platform is the chat application the user wants to connect with, but not use.

Acme, Inc. has an engineering team that uses Webex for work. However, they need to communicate with the sales team, who use Microsoft Teams.

Acme, Inc. uses Mio to keep engineers on their Primary Platform, Webex, to chat with the sales team, whose Primary Platform is Microsoft Teams.

With Mio, all the engineers are now searchable on Microsoft Teams, and all sales reps are now searchable on Webex.

Once a user is represented on both of your organization's platforms, Mio can then sync the users so a message sent by someone on one platform will show up natively on the other.

What are the benefits of using Webex bots?

Bots automate the authentication process, unlike regular user accounts which require a one-time authentication from the user. This automated process offers a more native experience and eliminates friction for the end user.

Using bots is the best option for organizations that don’t already pay for licenses (and don't want to start paying).

It will seem as if your non-Webex users are sending messages from Webex, even though they may be on Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom Team Chat. Native chat experiences limit confusion and boost productivity.

What are the limitations of using Webex bots?

Your users on Webex will have to search for and chat with bots on Webex. Colleagues who primarily use Teams, Slack, or Zoom Team Chat will have a bot label in the avatar.

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