Whenever your organization has employees who leave the company, you may want to remove their app from your Mio Hub and from being available to chat with on Slack.

Part 1: Reset the Slack app that represents your user

Step 1

Sign in to the Mio Hub with your admin account (or service account).

Step 2

Navigate to User Sync. Find the user whose Slack app you want to reset or delete, and hover over their row to show the (· · ·).

Click Reset User.

This will remove this user's app from the Mio database and unsync it so that they're not longer available for cross-platform messaging.

Keep reading to delete the user's Slack app from your organization's workspace.

Part 2: Delete the Slack app from your organization's workspace

Step 1

In your Slack workspace, click your workspace name in the top left corner. Navigate to Settings & administration, and then Manage apps.

Step 2

Search for and click on the user's Slack app you are trying to delete.

Scroll down to the bottom of the app's page and click Remove App.

That's it! This user's Slack app should now be deleted from both Mio's database and your organization's workspace.

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