Why do I need a service account?


The Mio app in Webex requires a service account to support Mio’s full feature set, specifically, the ability to post messages on behalf of users.

Webex does not currently support a chat bot posting messages on behalf of users, so Mio will use the service account to post messages.


Creating this account provides Mio a consistent and reliable user token to post messages on behalf of users. Mio will automatically add this service account as a member to any team that is connected via Connect Platforms.

You will be using this service account to complete the rest of setup in the Mio Hub.

Create a Webex service account

Step 1

Navigate to the Users section of your Webex Control Hub.

Step 2

Click the Manage Users button in the top right corner.

Step 3

Select Manually Add or Modify Users and then Next.

Step 4

Enter an email address for your service account. If using Gmail, it can be your email with “+service” (E.g. john+service@company.com). Click Next.

Step 5

In the Add Services for Users modal, check Advanced Messaging and then click Add Users. Click Next until the user is created.

Step 6

Back on the main Users page, find the service account in the list and click on their name to open the sidebar.

Step 7

Select Administrator Roles. Check the box next to Organization Administrator and select Full Administrator. Click Save.

Step 8

Click the pencil icon next to the service account’s email address. Change the display name to “Message” and then click Save.

Step 9

Check the service account’s email inbox for an email from Webex. Click the Activate button in the email to activate the account.

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