Create Azure AD groups

NOTE: We support syncing dynamic groups but we do NOT support syncing nested groups.

Step 1

Sign in to the Azure portal using a Global administrator account.

Search for and select Azure Active Directory.

Step 2

On the Active Directory page, select Groups and then select New group.

Step 3

Fill out the following information in the pane:

  1. Group type: Security

  2. Group name: [Platform] Primaries

    1. Ex. Microsoft Primaries or Webex Primaries

  3. Group description. Add an optional description to your group.

  4. Select a pre-defined Membership type (required).

    1. For more information on membership types, see Group and membership types.

  5. Select Create.

  6. Repeat 1-6 to create a second group for your second platform.

Step 4

Select the Members area from the Group page, and then begin searching for the members to add to your group from the Select members page.

Add users who primarily use a platform to their respective groups (users who primarily use Microsoft Teams should be added to the Microsoft Teams Primaries group and so on).

When you're done adding members, choose Select.

The Group Overview page updates to show the number of members who are now added to the group.

Turn off group welcome email

When any new Microsoft 365 group is created, whether with dynamic or static membership, a welcome notification is sent to all users who are added to the group. When any attributes of a user or device change, all dynamic group rules in the organization are processed for potential membership changes. Users who are added then also receive the welcome notification. You can turn this behavior off in Exchange PowerShell.

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